group exhibition

Galeria BWA Zielona Góra / Zielona Góra BWA Gallery
18.05 – 10.06.2012
Kurator | Curator: Tomasz Wilmański
Artyści | Artists:
Małgorzata Dawidek Gryglicka
Jacek Jagielski
Przemysław Jasielski
Ewa Kulesza
Dominik Lejman
Hanna Łuczak
Andrzej Pepłoński
Paweł Polus

The title of the exhibition ‘’DELICACY”  refers indirectly to the idea of art. It contains primarily a certain attitude in life and in art. To be delicate, to create “delicacy” can be connected with accuracy, intuition, precision and subtlety,  with toning down, so-called “elegance” or sublimated aesthetics.  It is often associated with a sphere of spiritual participation in reality. In art delicacy is only occasionally spoken of: the notion does not seem to fit in with ideological considerations on the matter of a creative act.
The title that is used here, provocative and subversive in some measure, can be referred in art to precision of thought, pursuit of harmony, a subtle game with values, or to minimalist resolutions sharpening form and simultaneously maximizing the intellectual and spiritual content of artistic expression. Minimalist/synthetic touching of the matter of reality.  One can also say that the notion of “delicacy” in a sense characterizes those expressions in art which are of an ephemeral  and “subdued” character and which function on the margin as it were of generally accepted trends or passing fascinations. This by no means deprecates such expressions. They are very often harder to ‘pigeonhole’ by art critics and do not lend themselves to explicit evaluation criteria.
The artists invited to  the present exhibition have shown their works here in  one-man and group shows (some of them a number of times). They do not form a group sharing the same views, representing some selected trend in art or using  the same means of expression.  As Prof. Alicja Kępińska once said in an interview : “They (AT Gallery artists) do not form a specific group, each of them is different, yet looking at their works in this gallery one feels a kind of bond between them.” This special identity may arise from the unique climate of the place, from the artists specific choices of particular artistic attitudes. Or perhaps something else still…, for, as Tomasz Wilmański once observed: “gallery is a magic place”.  Beside the fact of exhibiting here, the artists also share the specific sense of the above described notion of “delicacy”. Each of them in a different way, with different  intensity and potentiality. (curator: Tomasz Wilmański)
Photos: Zielona Góra BWA Gallery
More informations and photos: Galeria AT and Zielona Góra BWA Gallery

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