Body Stories

Body Stories


Wozownia Gallery, Torun, Poland
Exhibition opening: 08 February 2013
Curator: Anna Jackowska

Body Stories is a series of visual-textual stories concerning the body – its sensuality, emotionality, limitations and language.
Works presented at the exhibition at Wozownia Gallery took the form of installations of drawings and paintings with red as the dominating colour. Its temperature became my guide in formulating the expression of the body that cannot be stated through language. Body Stories is yet another of my struggles with discursive language from which the language of body separates. The geometry of the body clashes here with Euclidean geometry, and the contemporary lingua franca with my mother tongue.
During the work on Body Stories I considered questions relating to the possibilities of language, its limits, its exhaustion, as well as the identification with it. Which spheres of my life can language express in words? Which remain unnamed? Which names remain inadequate in relation to my feelings about them? Which states, events, and emotions can language follow? Which manage to evade it, and which are being skipped by it when it cannot define them and find their equivalents in the signs of writing?
Body Stories is a confrontation of an important part of my identity that lies in language with its non-linguistic side – feelings and intuition. The works are my statements on the language-dependent experience of the world and its processes understood commonly in given linguistic categories and closed in linguistic frames. I question language and try to escape from the frames, transfer myself to the sphere beyond, and extend myself through this non-linguistic context.

Circle, acrylic and pigment on canvas, polyptych, 160 cm x 640 cm, detal of the piece No. 7, 2013

Circle, acrylic and pigment on canvas, polyptych, 160 cm x 640 cm, detal of the piece No. 5, 2013

Photography by Krzysztof Wiktor

Circle, acrylic and pigment on canvas, polyptych, 160 cm x 640 cm, No.1 – No.8, 2012/2013

Untitled [THE WARMTH OF THE BODY], 1560 cm x 245 cm, 2013

A Diary of the Senses145 x 55 cm, 2012/2013

Photography by Kazimierz Napiórkowski

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