Artistic Residency Wakefield

Artistic Residency Wakefield


The Topography of Intimacy. An Introduction


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During my artistic residency in The Art House in Wakefield I have prepared the first part of the project titled “The Topography of Intimacy”. The project focuses on migrant women in the UK, for whom life in new economic, social and political conditions has become a redefining experience. The narration of the story is provided by “nomadic” women talking about their physical and psychological experiences dealing with ageing, disability, sexuality, ethnicity and issues emerging out of exclusion and illness. The result will be a multi-layered, multi-linguistic visual story, told through a 3D labyrinthine book-like structure.
My goal is to reach women who settled in small towns and the big urban periphery.
During my time at The Art House I reached out to a few groups of migrant women in Wakefield with the help of Linda Fielding, of City of Sanctuary and Ali Bullivent, Education Officer at Wakefield Cathedral. Of the groups I contacted, some were based in based at St John’s Church. These groups included a group of women who meet every six weeks with their children to share three hours together over food and play. The second group was a group of foreign students who meet to learn and practice their English. I also met a mixed group of migrant men and women, led by retired and voluntary leaders.
In addition, I made contact with two more groups who meet in the Rainbow Cafe on Portobelo Road and in The Quaker House. These weekly informal drop-in sessions are designed to offer migrant women support, advice and information – during the sessions the women talk together over embroidery and crafts.
To create my animation project and graphics series I used the story of four migrant women from Wakefield, images of their bodies, as well as the embroidery patterns which have become an integral part of our conversations in the Quaker Meetings House.

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Special thanks to:
Meya, Giang, Marta, Nastaran, Linda Fielding, Ali Bullivent and THE ART HOUSE team