Conversio | Centrala Gallery

Conversio | Centrala Gallery

The project “Conversio” is a multi-element textual and visual narration based on the stories of migrant women.
During my artistic residency at Centrala Gallery in Birmingham I was working with migrant women of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, languages, who for economic, health, family or other reasons have left their home countries. I have investigated the processes of adoption and redefinition of the woman’s past life experience in the context of dramatic changes in life conditions. During series of artistic workshops women have described and visualized their stories. We also created a series of recorded conversations. 
Results of this work is presented at the exhibition at Centrala Gallery which consists of video animations prepared on the basis of the collected material and accompanied by a series of visual narrations created by project participants.

2nd September -16th October 2015
Centrala Gallery, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT Birmingham.

Curator: Alicja Kaczmarczyk

Special thanks to Alicja Kaczmarczyk, Richard Short, Marta Sobierajska, Malgorzata Dzier and Fatuma, Donata, Kamila, Sylvia, Tania

Anneka French, Malgorzata Dawidek: Conversio, in: curator blog, 5 September 2015.
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01_Malgorzata Dawidek_Conversio_z lewej Habitats

02_Malgorzata Dawidek_Conversio_z lewej Habitats

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