Bodygraphy | Wozownia Art Gallery

Bodygraphy | Wozownia Art Gallery

Somewhere between 2005 and 2006 I’ve developed a term that could best define my artistic activity. My attempt was to include in it both the articulated and the neglected narrative of the body. I’ve tried to describe with it what the body says as well as the manner in which it speaks; what it feels and how it feels. I’ve also tried to describe with it what we (I) say about the body, about its reactions, behavior and perception. Thus, bodygraphy was born. 
I refer this term to the memory of the body, its history and the inexpressibility of emotions, but at the same time, to carnality, which constitutes both the medium for language and a language itself: the body writes and is being written, it describes and is being described, it articulates and is being articulated in language.
What interests me in bodygraphy the  most is, primarily, its micro-scale, the intimacy and the particularity of experience, making the everyday affairs intimate, which I observe against the broader background of history. In my opinion, it is in these moments that the violence of language towards the body as well as that of authority towards the body become painfully clear.
The exhibition at the Wozownia Art Gallery is the outcome of one stage in my research on this very conflict. In all of the works presented, my attempt is to confront the language that I do not trust and which disappoints me. The question of body is addressed via the reconstruction of histories inscribed into it and the feelings so difficult, or even impossible, to express. I try to translate the body into language. I treat it as a repository of memories. A book.

Wozownia Art Gallery, Torun, Poland
Opening: 12 April 2016
Exhibition Dates: 13 April – 8 May 2016

Photo coverage by Kazimierz Napiórkowski



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