Seminar | Centrala Gallery

Seminar | Centrala Gallery

The event “The Gesture Of The Artist In Such A Time” is a one-day seminar organised by the Centrala Gallery in Birmingham 18 March 2017.

The main idea behind the seminar is tracking activities of women-artists who in their own practice keep a regular dialogue with current history and react to cultural changes. We will look at the various methods, motifs, forms of works and gestures of artists being active in diverse art fields; artists, whose works are concerned with the aspects of body condition, architecture and environment perception or urgent issues related to contemporary history.
In the wide context the seminar will provide an opportunity to consider gesture of contemporary woman- artist – a migrant, a nomad, a woman confronted with civilization changes, crisis, exclusion, post-war and post-communism traumas – who expresses herself in both ways: intimately and in a dialogue with great historical narratives. The seminar will eventually become a platform for discussion on socially-engaged art (Must not all literature be now literature engagee?) but also on condition, rule and function of an artist who reacts to the environment and occurrence around her.

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Photos by Centrala Gallery.