(Self)Soothing Project

2016 - ongoing

A series of full color and black&white photographs
of performative activity carried out at the borders
of art and medical investigation.

Size: 91.5 x 61 x 0.2 cm
Medium: Print, Baryta Satin 300g, dibond
Limited edition of 3 photographs
Selected works

In this series, I focus on the difficulties that I and other patients with rare diseases encounter during critical health crises and reflect the ways in which we cope with those problems in domestic environments. I also search for the methods we use for communicating with our close ones, other people around us, physicians and clinical specialists.

The series encompasses visual representations of physical and emotional crises, with particular regard to methods of self-soothing and self-care, both of which are vital stages in dealing with situations when our conditions destabilise. We present our gestures, body positions, interactions with architecture, and everyday objects which help us to both minimise chest pain and tightness of chest, shorties of breath, muscle and joint pain, abdominal pain, extensive tiredness, severe weakness and other symptoms triggered by illnesses and to feel safe during these crises which can last from several minutes to several months and which recur year after year.

Moreover, the photographs reveal the enormous power of imagination of the ill body, which in response to pain, intuitively creates its own non-verbal glossary becoming an integral part and animated extension of a domestic landscape.